7 Practical and unique ideas for the wall decoration

Wall represents half of the home decorating style. Therefore, it plays an important role in home decorating. If you decorate it well enough, it can add art feeling and improve your home decorating level for your home. When talking about the wall decoration, the first stuff comes my mind is nursery wall decal, as I am a 2 years old mom. Except this, there are many tactics to decorate a wall.

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1, take advantage of the wall decal

Wall decal is the easiest and most convenient way to decorate the wall. Because of it's various pattern and all kinds of colors, it is loved by many families. Even a simple and easy wall decal can make a huge difference to the wall. Here I am not preparing to say too much about how to pick and use the wall decal. I believe that everyone can do this.

2, DIY a wall decoration

The idea that I favor for the wall decoration is to DIY, for it is cost effective and can be changed or replaced as long as you want. Here I will show you some ideas that I have used for the wall dcor and all of them have good effects.

Display framed family photos

I used to place my family photos at the right sofa wall in the living room and everybody can see them as long as they get into the house. It is a good way to show your happiness and recall your good experience. If your photos are adequate, you may make a heart shape or a regular shape that your preferred, which shows the wall an art feeling.

Make an art wall

We often see artworks on the walls. It can make the space more meaningful and enjoyable. You may put your favorite artwork on the wall or draw something different and unique patterns on the wall. And you can put the pictures from the books and magazines with frame on the wall.

Design a natural wall

Nowadays, many people like to apply natural materials into homes. They often stick wood boards on the wall and place the potted plants and flowers on the board. it gives the home a fresh look and add some lives to the space. I like this idea very much and will practice it these days.

3, Make a mirrored wall

Especially for the small space, the mirror is a perfect item for decorating the wall. It not only can show the space larger, but also can make the space more energetic. However, if you use it improperly, it may have the side effect to your home. The size for the mirror should not be too large and the items that the mirror reflects should be colorful and creative so that it can add atmosphere to the whole space.

4, Add shelves to the wall

Shelves are not only for solving the storage problem. It is a good way to decorate the wall. Once I placed my beautiful hairpins, necklaces and other wonderful stuffs on the wall shelves, which loved by my most of the friends. They all comment that this idea is very creative and beautiful. If you have those beautiful stuffs, why not show off it on the wall! Find more about the dream bedrooms decorations here:

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