Secrets To Improve Your Finished Basement Design

The basement is a part of your house that can be used in so many ways. If given some thought, you can remodel it into something worth your time and money. Nowadays, a finished basement design has become a very popular investment. How to improve it is easy, manageable and relatively affordable too. In fact, with a little creativity and knowledge in art or interior design, you can turn your basement into the most beautiful and favorite hangout place in your home.

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Don't despair! Here are some of the things you can make out of your unattended basement.

- Home office space. Supposing you have a small business run at home and you need an office. The basement can be the perfect place to set this plan up. Assuming that you have a finished basement design already. All you need to do is furnish it. Add office furniture and all other office supplies, equipment, and useful stuff like lamps, book shelf, etc. Don't forget to install a phone and a fax machine.

- As a Small Gym - A treadmill doesn't require a huge space. So does any set of weights. You can always put it in a corner in your basement. A good place would be near the window if you like to work out with the cool breeze of fresh air. That way you'll also have the feel of a semi-outdoor while doing your regular exercise.

- Kids' Play Pen - There are really no furnishings needed on this one. Although you might need a removable rubber carpet on the floor to go with your finished basement design. Kids can be messy and unpredictable. Accidents can happen. A rubber mat should keep them comfortable in their place. And for extra safety precaution, consider setting up a railing around them.

- Entertainment room - Take advantage of the lack of lighting and convert it into a new facility. Some homes use the dark corners in their basement as a mini theatre. Others would use it as a dark room. Not only is your finished basement design space optimized, it has brought a new experience too.

- Personal Basement Bar - Converting your finished basement design into a bar is a cool idea too. That would take away your problems in where you want to hold mini parties with your friends on weekends. But remember to have proper ventilation or a room temperature balance because it can get warm and sweaty when it's crowded.

- Your Guest Room - If you have a big family and have used up all the rooms for your kids, why not use the basement as another bedroom. You can have your guests use it. You in-laws perhaps if they come over to visit the kids.

- Music Studio - Your finished basement design is probably the most well insulated place in your house in terms of acoustics. If you have a teenager who loves to play in a band, you might want to explore this option. A music studio can be cheaper and only needs good sound insulation.

There may still be more but these are just the common things done for a basement. If your basement is spacious, you can accommodate all of the above mentioned. It's really up to you. A very good finished basement design should be flexible in terms of use. Just make sure it's still cozy and can make your friends or guests feel welcome. This little den in your home can go a long way.

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